15th. ANNUAL RMPA-NORTH AMERICA BRANCH REUNION. 
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Branch Membership Eligibility & Benefits

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                                       BRANCH MEMBERSHIP


(A) Ex-Royal Military Police who reside in North America,who wish to be members of The Branch,are entitled to join.

(B) Spouses of members of The Branch are automatically Associate Members.

(C) Associate membership may be awarded to any person under the following  conditions:-

1. Must have served in Allied or Commonwealth Military Police units, Allied Military forces,or have served in civil police depts. in North America.

2. Associates have no voting rights, or policy-making privileges.

3. Pay annual subscriptions equal to 2/3rds of a full membership. 


 (1) Comradeship of ex RMP living in North America.

 (2) Information from UK RMPA

 (3) Contacts with over 30 branches in UK-Canada/USA-Australasia-Cyprus

 (4) Annual reunion in North America

 (5) North America Branch web page information.

 (6) Branch newsletter (Average 18 pages) twice a year.

 (7) Associate Membership open to UK members.

 (8) Regional Branch events, and meetings where possible

 (9) Moral and friendship support, through our welfare director, to members who fall ill, or are hospitalised.

 For additional information on membership, please contact Branch Secretary

KEN FOWLER:- Phone (604) 522 1468  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

ADDRESS:- 313, 1150, Quayside Drive, NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. V3M 6E1 Canada